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Dream Incubations P.D. Newman

Poems by P.D. Newman. Art illustrations Mitchell Pluto Anamnesis Barley or mead or wine or corn Pour out from my goatskin And into my bull’s horn! To pieces by the Titans was Dionysus torn! Lo! A man must die For him to be twice-born! For P.K., a Poem Close the

String Theory Andrew Mendez

” Encyclopedia. Philosophy. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected association” Andre Breton “Manifesto” 1929 String Theory Expecting the unexpected already foretells its appearance. Likewise, in any image, worlds unknown of before emerge from within. It is the ability of reading


The knock on the door Of becoming. Darren Thomas 31.1.21 The knock on the Door of Becoming Sustained by cloud and hunger In the web-stained village I caught the wisps of sky And mandrake root Their tears Filling my eyes With the echo of a street Glimpsed in real dreams

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