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ذاكرة القاهرة ١٩٩٢ /ستيڤن كيرين /ترجمة محمد تلفان

ذاكرة القاهرة ١٩٩٢ ترجمة: محمد تلفان العدد الثاني من مجلة الغرفةالنسخة العربيةمجانا pdfيمكنك تحميلها الآن الكتاب الأول https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d_nhEp7ROfZIMlXOfS4sQlysq2c3UKpY/view?usp=drivesdk الكتاب الثاني https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nOUe0XQAur0LNIHK5GmDtfACTn-ynCIf/view?usp=drivesdk النيل الأسمر يتدفق بجوار الزمالك و هز الاخشاب في جسر بولاق القديم في جوهر الجزيرة  إلى ممر بين القصب و النخيل في جُزر أنغام السوق السودانية المشمسة دندنة فندق

Surrealism In Africa /Research By / Mohsen Elbelasy 

Surrealism In Africa  File By / Mohsen Elbelasy Published in the second issue of the Room Surrealist Magazine Jan 2022 Download it https://sulfursurrealistjungle.com/2022/01/13/the-second-issue-of-the-room-surrealist-magazine-fre-pdf-downloading-links/ __________________________–____—-__ In my opinion, Egyptian Surrealism has taken some of its right to research and excavation, although I believe that it needs more research. But in this

Harbor of Alchemy: By Giorgia Pavlidou /Juanita Guccione at the Weinstein Gallery in the City of Fog

Harbor of Alchemy: Juanita Guccione at the Weinstein Gallery in the City of Fog By Giorgia Pavlidou  I’m a climate hypochondriac. It’s the heat that drives me crazy. To escape the scorching hot summer of Los Angeles, I decided last July (2021) to spend some days in definitely much cooler

Trans-lucidities / By / Pierre Petiot

Trans-lucidities / By / Pierre Petiot By an abuse of language where the Moon ends up passing for green cheese, we continue to speak of “collages” about the images that can be created with digital tools, whether they are free, such as the Gnu Image Manipulation Program. (GIMP) or proprietary

Spiritual Sex and Vision Quests by Jim Denomie

In the painting Vision Quest-Spiritual Sex there are several metaphors relating to antlers. Are there more details you can provide us to inform our understanding? In one of my earliest painting classes we were instructed to create a composition, painting with a live male model, using some of the still

Medicinal Shadow Chet Zar

Is there one surrealist who has had a strong influence in your work? It depends what you mean by Surrealist. H.R. Giger would be a big one. I think he is kind of considered a surrealist. Zdzisław Beksinski is another but I don’t know if he is referred to as

The Creative Well Spring Kamal Rabea Rashed Rashed

Kamal Rabea Rashed Rashed is an Egyptian ballet dancer, theater director, plastic artist and sculptor. Kamal is a member of the Middle East and North Africa Surrealist Group

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