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String Theory Andrew Mendez

” Encyclopedia. Philosophy. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected association” Andre Breton “Manifesto” 1929 String Theory Expecting the unexpected already foretells its appearance. Likewise, in any image, worlds unknown of before emerge from within. It is the ability of reading

Pyrograph / by Anthony Seidman

Pyrograph I I opened my chest, and fire taught me how to breaststroke. She stopped talking to me about textures of chlorine, because wind sniffs bone revealed from the other side of nakedness. I closed my chest, and Verb carbonized my brain. She addressed me with the silence of a

8 POEMS by Uche Nduka /Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts

Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts 1. Bowmoon three-gunned and a light less fed than dew to say nothing of going to pieces and screaming my guts out a benefactor in good standing i’m inclined to minimizing the falsification of a banquet you happen to the day like nautical make-overs between bong


PATHOLOGY OF CLARITY A sleeping panorama scorching your personae, recklessly spinning, the earth, as it went past, only the footprints of others persist. Delicate lacerations, accelerated plumes, when crystal and fire augment clothing the bride for a sublime risk of nature. A perfect understanding of nature. The pollen of spontaneous

Appetite for ABJECTION / Giorgia Pavlidou

1   Two or three cows and a few donkeys dressed in worn out woolen sweaters and jeans paced continuously in and out of a slum hut. One donkey missed an ear. A small family of short dark-skinned and clearly underfed people dressed in dirty rags joined them now and

Divinity in Disguise Martha Shade

I’m a mixed media artist, and my work includes paper pulp sculptures and hand stitched embroideries. Many of my pieces contain mythological themes, and I’m particularly interested in the symbolism of hybrid creatures. I often say that I work for the angels because I consistently feel like my art is

4Texts By John Olson

Mardi Gras Goulash If you want an answer to consciousness search under the whispers. I make lines that prominence scratches. The violins we play for the chemistry of music is a boiling that washes ashore one day. And this is a cause of wind. I bloom in it by vapor.

8 Poems with drawings by Ivars Balkits

Continued Chakras And who should float up but the Aesthete, already devoured. Sneer at him but love him. For scrutinize the self-mocking smock, the artistic (facial) expression; the Bohemian mannerisms. Behind that art-lover, the flame-pink and mucusy moon forms the crescent palate* of Hara: the place of folded hands (sacral

The ladybirds of the sky / by GHADAH KAMAL

The ladybirds of the sky / by GHADAH KAMAL The sky is lit with  the flying frogs Here,  they replaced circumcision with the extraction of the vocal cords at birth Nothing pollutes the purity of the day but black  rain Babies without necks don’t cry Mature frogs don’t object The

Look Strange And FROWN /John Olson

Look Strange And Frown As human beings, we live by emotions and thoughts. What I like to do when I encounter a fellow human being is present them with an emotion. I take it out and wield it like a handshake during a pandemic. Emotions are like this. They make

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