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A Note On Protracted Technicalities by /Will Alexander

Seeming cognitive displacement being the spontaneous of inner balance. As one’s organically assimilates the imago Ignota (the search for the strange for the sake of the strange) an imaginal opening transpires that lifts one beyond a weakened colloquial amperage that seems to suffuse what many poets excuse as the day

WHILE, before the end of Aquarius. Poem and Vision by Enrique de Santiago

WHILE Before the end of Aquarius the pale shell will come off Of the petty masts that hold me persistently to the acid days that I have left and that push me to leave meanwhile the tears of a burning salamander fall as the universe cools while the creator’s belly

Five Poems by / Gary Cummiskey       

Out on the street It’s true I live nowhere. I have no face. I’m a bird, an otter, a slice of pizza, a lie. I plant mushrooms in shacks and gather horses from townships. I wander through the naked Karoo in a green shirt and ugly red jersey ‒ I’m

“Seven Poems of the Primordial Dark” by George Kalamaras

      each poem based on a painting by Giorgos Vakalo, each       painting titled with a line of poetry by his wife, Eleni Vakalo         The sky that ate the sun offers it to night We offer our lives to many thingsConsider the

Fire Dressed In Fire /Review of inside the black hornet’s mind-tunnel by Giorgia Pavlidou by John Olson

Fire Dressed In Fire Review of inside the black hornet’s mind-tunnel by Giorgia Pavlidou by John Olson Edited by / Mohsen Elbelasy One of the more persistent and fathomless riddles concerning human existence is the relationship between the mind and the body. The body is finite, mortal, vulnerable to injury


THE DOLL IN THE CITY OF GOD “Let me be a light doll  And that the train of eternal history  Roll on the rails of the last fathers  Towards a tomorrow without adults  Filled with the winged dragons of childhood “ – Ghadah Kamal, extract from “Configuration inaugurale” (review in

Spiritual Sex and Vision Quests by Jim Denomie

In the painting Vision Quest-Spiritual Sex there are several metaphors relating to antlers. Are there more details you can provide us to inform our understanding? In one of my earliest painting classes we were instructed to create a composition, painting with a live male model, using some of the still

Four prose pieces by /Peter Cherches

Cornered I find myself in a corner. Of a page or a room, I can’t tell. It’s white, the page or the room. That’s little help. Rooms are often white, and pages more often. Are those words I see, or furniture? Rooms are often white, the furniture says. I find

Medicinal Shadow Chet Zar

Is there one surrealist who has had a strong influence in your work? It depends what you mean by Surrealist. H.R. Giger would be a big one. I think he is kind of considered a surrealist. Zdzisław Beksinski is another but I don’t know if he is referred to as

Visual Engineer Steve Simpson

The Arts and the Sciences are both about creativity. In the Sciences, creativity enables discoveries and new methodologies. The difference is in the mind of the creator: the purpose of the activity. In the Arts, the creator’s aim is to bring a worthwhile experience to the audience, but there is

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