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Nine Poems Inspired by the Paintings of Giorgio de Chirico by / John Bradley

Nine Poems Inspired by the Paintings of Giorgio de Chirico The Joy of the Return, 1915  What should we pack for this trip? The sea is quite old and churlish and sleepless and shifty. Sometimes the moon wore green surgical gloves, which were found under de Chirico’s bed. It is

At the Crossroads of the Dark Goddess Shanta Lee Gander

“I am a big believer that projects need to bloom in their own time. This was true for my photo exhibition, Dark Goddess, which has been living in my bones for about 6 years. However, the true age of the project is much older. At the age of 19 years

Hidden Structure Erik Volet

“Yes, there is a structure … but it is a structure made of silences, of hanging threads, of cut scenes, where everything occurs in a simultaneous time which is a no-time.” -Juan Rulfo, 1983 The paintings’ content reflect this ambiguity of form: the figures are both personal and archetypal, representing

Small Cubist Ornament/ Daniel O’Reilly

Small Cubist Ornament Friday, early morning. La belle inutile. In the bustle of the city’s central market, (a huge fin-de-siecle structure of cast iron girders that soar overhead to join a central lateral beam like the ribcage of some giant whale,) tradespeople rush back and forth to replenish decimated heaps

Automatism, Transgression and Limit-Experience Richard Burke

I am currently interested in exploring digital methods as a way of creating surrealist art. Digital art allows for explorations in painting, photography, collage, and mixed media incorporating painting and photography. Surrealism is for me a way of meaningfully integrating my interests in Libertarian Socialist politics, and Esoteric Thought while

Transmutations of Dave Vescio

My goal with my up-close & personal urban decay shots is: How do I make the old, ugly, and the discarded look beautiful, strong, and colorful again? And why do I see faces everywhere I look? Who is always watching me? My mission with art photography is to reveal to

Dream Incubations P.D. Newman

Poems by P.D. Newman. Art illustrations Mitchell Pluto Anamnesis Barley or mead or wine or corn Pour out from my goatskin And into my bull’s horn! To pieces by the Titans was Dionysus torn! Lo! A man must die For him to be twice-born! For P.K., a Poem Close the

String Theory Andrew Mendez

” Encyclopedia. Philosophy. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected association” Andre Breton “Manifesto” 1929 String Theory Expecting the unexpected already foretells its appearance. Likewise, in any image, worlds unknown of before emerge from within. It is the ability of reading

Pyrograph / by Anthony Seidman

Pyrograph I I opened my chest, and fire taught me how to breaststroke. She stopped talking to me about textures of chlorine, because wind sniffs bone revealed from the other side of nakedness. I closed my chest, and Verb carbonized my brain. She addressed me with the silence of a

8 POEMS by Uche Nduka /Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts

Bainbridge Island Notebook: Excerpts 1. Bowmoon three-gunned and a light less fed than dew to say nothing of going to pieces and screaming my guts out a benefactor in good standing i’m inclined to minimizing the falsification of a banquet you happen to the day like nautical make-overs between bong

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