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Sulfur Surrealist Jungle, an online literary magazine of surrealist writing and art, and small press launched in 2019.

founded by Mohsen El Belasy,, ( MENA Surrealist Group) and Giorgia Pavlidou.

Sulfur mainly specializes in online artistic and surrealist events and co-operations. It has also collaborated with many well known critics and artists in the world.

Over the course of more than a year, Sulfur periodically published texts by the most important names in surrealist and experimental poetry in the world.

Recently, the site cooperated with ” Rê Platform” Cultural Foundation.

Sulfur is run by an editorial and administrative board whose members originate from many places in the world and works in cooperation with the Middle East And North Africa Surrealist Group

SULFUR harbored a strong desire to develop a collaborative context for truly international, inclusive, multidisciplinary and multilingual art practices guided by surrealist principles. Though Sulfur is clearly surrealist in its main orientation, it also welcomes related avant-garde writing and art traditions such as art brut, beatnik etc
As the hereunder words of just a few of the many established and upcoming writers we published describe, we think that Sulfur’s intercultural, personable and welcoming attitude has been responsible for its immediate success:

Sulfur (and Giorgia) has been so very supportive of my own work, and has advocated to get my voice out into the world (particularly as a poet and woman writing in an emerging Surrealist vein) . I love Sulfur’s website as well–it’s quite colorful, and so are the poets / poems that are published in their platform as well. 

-Clayre Benzadon 

Sulfur Surrealist Jungle is on the cutting edge of experimental writing–in poetry and prose (prose poems, reviews, and beyond).  At times the visual arts are featured.  SSJ is not only for English writers / readers, but reaches an Arabic audience as well.  There is nothing quite like this journal out there.  I find it a vital portal to far-beyond-the-ordinary writers and writing.

-John Bradley

Sulfur is a breath of fresh air committed to publishing only the Viscerally Vital. Their presentations are second to none, — clear, animated, & extensive. It’s an honor to be a contributor to one of the Worlds most forward thinking publications. 

-Heller Levinson

SULFUR is unique amongst other contemporary art and poetry sites, in that it publishes in every language that the present editors—both polyglots—are proficient with. As an author, I found it an unusual and highly refreshing experience to see my work (in English) published alongside other texts by authors writing in Arabic and French. And one gets the sense that SULFUR is on the verge of further expansion into an even more linguistically open forum, a truly international nexus for Surrealist modes of artistic expression and poetic activity. 

-Wade German  

When Suflur Surrealist Jungle came to my attention about a year ago, I was quick to recognize its breadth of concern on many fronts both artistic and political. I was impressed with its openness to publishing international writers whose work proved interesting to their editorial board. Since then I’ve published I believe three different sets of poems in their arts section, and have been delighted with how quickly they have come on stream. As a senior Canadian poet, I’ve grown quite tired of the many magazines that sit on one’s manuscript for months without response. I’m past that in my career, and I enjoy the respect Sulfur has accorded both myself and several peers whose work has also been accepted and readily reproduced. Sulfur has breathed new life into online magazine publishing, and has done so with a fair deal of flash and excitement.  Any support that will enhance its production program and ensure its stability will be money well spent. 

-Robert Hogg

As active contributer to Clayton Eshelman’s original Sulfur I feel fortunate to remain active in its present Egyptian incarnation. It’s brisk magnetic fervor burns and remains alive as lingual osmosis. 

-Will Alexander 

Jungles are notoriously fertile regions of dense forest, tangled vegetation and a vigorous biomass of endless diversity. This is one of the more salient features of the aptly named Sulfur Surrealist Jungle: a robust heterogeneity of dynamic originality. The additional qualifier ‘sulfur’ is also apt: it evokes a conglomerate of literary vulcanism, a pyroclastic flow that dazzles the mind with its eruptive plumes of essays & poetry. It is, as well, a quintessentially cosmopolitan enterprise; it is not uncommon to find languages such as French and Arabic included among its fauna, such as an excerpt from La Tentations de la Matière by Joël Gayraud, an ekphrastic collection of poetry inspired by the sculpture of Virginia Tentindo, or Border Voices, an anthology of Mexican poetry assembled by poet Anthony Seidman. The work at Sulfur Surrealist Jungle is always edgy and passionately committed, profoundly aware of the world’s injustices and collapsing ecology, but representing these stark realities with the fullness and brilliant aesthetics of a global community enriched by the poetry and vigorous dialogue working in synergistic luxuriance. 

-John Olson

Sulfur Surrealist Jungle has transformed into the premier showcase for Surrealist, Post-Surrealist, and Surreal voices from around the globe.  Although the web journal anchors itself on the production of Surrealist poetry, text, collage, photography, and painting from the Arabic world, the editors invite and insist upon a plurality of cultures, voices, and experiences.  Thus, as I have contributed translations of contemporary poets from Mexico and its northern border region, I have also noted the work of Joyce Mansour, John Olson, Will Alexander, Tanguy, Breton (of course!), breathlessly and wonderfully intersecting with younger poets and artists, from a variety of languages and regions.   Work is curated with a sincere interest in the electricity of the submissions, not for promoting poetic careers or popularity. Sulfur Surrealist Jungle is a brave, wild, and necessary creation.  Bravo!

-Anthony Seidman



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