O my city /by Mohsen Elbelasy / from Oblivion game by Zazie and Pierre Petiot and friends

O my city /

by Mohsen Elbelasy

from Oblivion game by Zazie and Pierre Petiot and friends

Where are your forgotten volcanic fingers?

O my city :

Your music floats in the free-falling magnet nebula on the foreheads of your zebras

Always remember them 

  To take off the spikes in your decadent boobs.

O my city chewed in the mouths of your cement elephants

  my city; The thick ropes are moving upwards

3D scene /O my city

 Brothel / downtown Cairo  

 Winter 2060 

Amputated head and  half a mouth wants to laugh


The eyes of the shattered

 mannequins lying on the remains of the sidewalk plead for nothing in panting pain

The wood crackles in rebellion, so that the whole scene becomes mute ashes

O my  labyrinth of thirst and a long silence

The blood staining extractor carries fire

 From the backyard of the brain

to me

4D scene

And the barbaric lust for hugging the  prostitutes of the thirties who developed biological and owned one hole at the bottom, leather hoses enter it and it has another job, from which volcanic energy comes out at night that releases brothel wolves

 to me


floating in the sky

 In successive flashes / spasms

 The smell of pineapple clitoris numbs the atmosphere of the mummified city.

They have claws drenched in their pallor

The smell of pineapple clitoris numbs the atmosphere of the mummified city.

They have claws drenched in their pallor

The most beautiful deaths are the ones we say after

“Let’s wipe the remnants of the seminal cascade from our bodies.”

in the name of desire

winged cry

Rebellion birds spit out their magnetic waves

The scene is false

There is only a yard

Statue of a basalt dick 

and death

Death, death, death.

This god  is stave

bank guard

Magical Sex Oils

the family


Life as a median tumor

Striptease religious dance in the air 

glow virus farm

Boats flip over on shredded asphalt cracks

Tales of an ancient wind

braking duration

when I will be a tree

or a fountain pen

I will sleep indefinitely

I will create in the cells of the outcasts

Ants of background dances

Geeks who wander about in the slumber of the circular slavery trap

Photography by Mohsen Elbelasy from Oblivion game


Zazie and Pierre Petiot and friends
New book by


DEC 2021

Cover by : Evi Moechel (Zazie)


Surprisingly, the fundamental function of oblivion in the constitution of knowledge of all kinds has hardly been brought to light. This book is built on the results of a game that proposed an exploration of the paths and geographies of oblivion by means of photography, with the idea to suggest or identify aspects of Oblivion that may be unspoken or even unspeakable.
The following artists and poets participated in this game : Barrett J. Erickson, Bela Gamela, Catherine Dumaine, Dale Houstman, Daniel O’Reilly, Darren Thomas, David Nadeau, Doug Campbell, Fairouz Eltaweela, Ghadah Kamal, Irene Plazewska, James Sebor, Mitchell Pluto, Mohsen Elbelasy, Nelly Sanchez, Pierre Petiot, Richard Burke, Richard Misiano-Genovese, Uly Paya, Veronica Cabanillas Samaniego, Waleed Fekry, Willem den Broeder, Yves Maquinay, Zazie (Evi Moechel).
Poems and texts by the participants in English, Spanish and French have been added to photographies.

من المثير للدهشة أن الوظيفة الأساسية للنسيان في تكوين المعرفة بجميع أنواعها لم يتم تسليط الضوء عليها من قبل . بُني هذا الكتاب على نتائج لعبة اقترحت استكشاف مسارات وجغرافيات النسيان عن طريق التصوير الفوتوغرافي ، مع فكرة اقتراح أو تحديد جوانب النسيان التي قد تكون غير معلن عنها أو حتى لا يمكن وصفها .
شارك في هذه اللعبة الفنانين والشعراء التالية أسماؤهم: باريت جيه إريكسون ، بيلا جميلة ، كاثرين دومين ، ديل هوستمان ، دانيال أورايلي ، دارين توماس ، ديفيد نادو ، دوج كامبل ، فيروز الطويلة ، غادة كمال ، إيرين بلازيوسكا ، جيمس سيبور ، ميتشل بلوتو ، محسن البلاسي ، نيللي سانشيز ، بيير بيتيو ، ريتشارد بيرك ، ريتشارد ميسيانو جينوفيز ، أولي بايا ، فيرونيكا كابانيلاس سامانيغو ، وليد فكري ، فيليم دن برودر ، إيف ماكويناي ، زازي (إيفي موتشيل).
تمت إضافة قصائد ونصوص لبعض المشاركين باللغات الإنجليزية والإسبانية والفرنسية إلى الصور الفوتوغرافية.

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