Visual Engineer Steve Simpson


The Arts and the Sciences are both about creativity. In the Sciences, creativity enables discoveries and new methodologies. The difference is in the mind of the creator: the purpose of the activity.

The Edge of Reality

In the Arts, the creator’s aim is to bring a worthwhile experience to the audience, but there is a grey area. In my view, teaching, or making some point, should never be the primary aim of the artist. With that proviso, the artist’s work comes from the heart.

Ancient Mars

Beyond human imagination lies an unknown realm, which is still within the bounds of comprehensibility. Because computers have no imagination, they can access this realm, and computer calculations can generate extraordinary beauty, for example, the Mandelbrot Set.

My Visual Evolution Engine (VEE) doesn’t use conventional neural works to mimic existing art. The rationale behind VEE is to allow computer algorithms to run free and seek the unknown.
In the visual arts, as well as writing computer code for VEE, I use photoshop, take photos, and do some artisanal work.

Dear Diary

Steve Simpson 2021

Before my coffee stirs itself,
I search the skies for signs of flight.
I see not a quiver in that cruel silver.

While I’m lost in abstract portraits
of a world that might have been,
deception permeates the restless ether.

Its mirrored maze of copacetic lies
comforts the deluded,
and mutes the voices of the fallen.

All that mattered I left behind me,
everything and everyone
I should have fought for.

The angels that I dreamt of
in the sky’s blue caves
are long-gone to the ocean
and the daemons have replaced them,
risen from the fiery subterrain
like the phoenix, in a rainless rebirth.

As above, so below.

Steve Simpson lives in Sydney, and he’s never been able to work out exactly what he does, although he would probably feed the cat if he had one. His poems and stories have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, and he’s signed with Meerkat Press to produce a two-volume set in early 2022: poetry and short stories, both with artworks.

In the visual arts, works created with his image evolution software have been shown at several exhibitions, and he recently developed a unique system for generating art from mental states via EEG (brainwaves).

In the sciences, he’s published over 200 research papers, most recently in clinical neurology, and awards include the Peter Doherty Innovation Prize, for WeldPrint™, technology to make vehicles safer. A monograph, “Physics without Butterflies,” is hidden in the mists of the future, and he likes wood ducks, doesn’t everyone? In the ether underworld, he sometimes calls himself @inconstantlight.

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  1. […] An introduction to my work in the Arts is now on-line at SULΦUR, a magazine with a fascinating range of surrealist artworks and writing. Because fools rush in, I’ve also explained the difference between the Arts and the Sciences, and because she insisted, I’ve included a portrait of Antimony, once and future android and goddess of the godless. […]

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