The Alpha-Fertility-Goddesses Richard Gessner

Blue Birth Brunette March. Richard Gessner. color pencil. 9″ x 12″

An erotic sensuous moving festive carnival viewed microscopically, a Gessner painting succeeds if the viewer turns voluptuary, entranced by Alpha-Fertility-Goddesses asserting dominion in a world pulsating with intestinal flora fauna doodle drawings; mutating connective tissue linking larger forms throughout the painting.

Octo-Telson. Richard Gessner. 11″ x 17″ color pencil, pilot pen

A Gessner painting is both a spontaneous explosion of unified discordant imagery and a well planned composition. Playful and serious. Lusty and graceful. A rutting splendor with poise. A prankster-voyeur fingerprint. Hungry for tricks but satiated. Universal and timeless. Accessible but remote. A dance and a meditation. A party and a wound. Disciplined but irreverently free.

A serene balancing act between darkness and light. A macrocosm rife with the struggle of survival given levity by visions of ludic whimsy.

Richard Gessner is the author of “The Conduit and other
Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy”
Rain Mountain, 2017.

work published in Fiction International, Air Fish, Seinundwerden,
Skidrow Penthouse, Another Chicago Magazine and other magazines.

Gessner’s paintings and drawings exhibited at The Hamilton street Gallery, Cry Baby Gallery, Pleiades Gallery, Court Gallery, and the Donald B. Palmer Museum

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