Bridge between Worlds Micol Castillo

Art is a communication gate between the visual dimensions and the infinite.

Micol Castillo (1981)

Chilean, graduated in translation from Universidad de Concepción.
Micol would draw portraits (people and animals) from pictures, as a hobby, from time to time. In 2017 Micol started to take a deeper interest in art: Reading about topics related (art history, art movements, compositions), trying other media (pastel, acrylic, oil, ink) and creating for the first time.
Micol drawings are made mainly with graphite and ink on paper. Through this media, she wants to show transitions from dimensions visible to the eye to those that can be perceived through higher senses. In December 2020 Micol Castillo was part of the collective Al Magen (“On the Fringe”)
She works currently as an administrator at a hospital, which gives her time to continue drawing.

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