Transmutations of Dave Vescio

My goal with my up-close & personal urban decay shots is: How do I make the old, ugly, and the discarded look beautiful, strong, and colorful again? And why do I see faces everywhere I look? Who is always watching me?

My mission with art photography is to reveal to the world that even in death & decay, there is still beauty, as well as a new source of energy/life that wants to be born into this world, just in another way.

We just need to look at it from a different light, a different perspective. Life truly never ends! It just gets reborn into this world again & again as another essence, another beautiful being. Just like how a caterpillar gruesomely transforms into a butterfly!

Always attracted to the darker side of life, Dave Vescio quickly found his passion for playing the antagonist & villain and has performed in over 50 indie films, including Hick (2012) starring Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne & Chloe Grace Moretz, The Odd Way Home (2014) starring ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Winner Rumer Willis, Wolf Mother (2016) starring Golden Globe Nominee Tom Sizemore, and two upcoming art exhibition films created by the world renowned contemporary artist Paul McCarthy called Coach Stage Stage Coach & Donald And Daisy Duck Adventure (2021).

View more of Dave’s work

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