The ladybirds of the sky / by GHADAH KAMAL

The ladybirds of the sky / by GHADAH KAMAL

The sky is lit with  the flying frogs


 they replaced circumcision with the extraction of the vocal cords at birth

Nothing pollutes the purity of the day but black  rain

Babies without necks don’t cry

Mature frogs don’t object

The elderly die in silence

At a collective dinner party

The red Wolves howl

And bears fly

Children celebrate in the middle of the day because of the end of the compulsory recruitment period in the education cells.

The eternal shiver of famine causes the predation mania to kill the knowledge-obsession.

Snakes don’t have feet but they walk

Elephants remember the graves of their dead

Dogs don’t betray

The rain is wild

He take out is his umbrella

He searched in his pockets for the remains of what he had

And he Bring two pieces of bread and a cigarette

The dog is hungry

He  gave the dog the bread

And he took the  cigarette that made from his bones,

And he sat to contemplating the black  frogs in the sky

The ladybirds raining on his head

The houses have no windows


Thudding sound

The frog awoke from his drunken sleep

Then he took note about  his dream

 he called his poem :

(the ladybirds of the sky )

Then he drank two more  shots  and went back to sleep, hoping for another poem

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