The Left Hand Path Richard Gessner

Surf Goddess Strongmann II Richard Gessner. Acrylic painting

Moving sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in an arabesque, the stories progress nonetheless, and the writing stirs beauty at unlit depths—like echolocations that sound out shapes in the psyche we didn’t know were there.

Surf Goddess Strongmann Richard Gessner. Acrylic Painting

Endlessly inventive, Gessner is not interested in the arbitrary thrill; rather, he is out to inspire us to rethink our assumptions, to reframe our perspectives, to renew our ways of seeing. His writing is a funhouse mirror, distorting the empirical world in ways that, paradoxically, help us see it better.

-Vincent Czyz

As per his Kindergarten report “in spite of being Left Handed, Richard Gessner Handles crayons with great skill and adeptness”
Older than the first born Horseshoe Crab, Gessner is a Hermit who communes with marauding skunks at 4 a.m. in Montclair, New Jersey.

The Conduit and Other Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy

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