On Invisible AMPLIFICATION/ Will Alexander

Humanity has become a blur so what i’d like to dispel is the solemn power that remains linear connection. The atmosphere of experiment continues to glow long after the thwarted influence of Le Grand Jeu. Because it’s central tendencies were reprimanded at the infamous gathering at the Bar Chateau in 1929 we will never know the power of epigenetic irradiation upon the collective psyche.
Perhaps a bottomless incandescence or perhaps an irrigating trickle within the gathering of a distinct minority. Of course I am not here to gather a self projected tally and apply it to the mass of humanity. Nevertheless a protracted smoldering has occurred sans any intended distancing from general consideration. 
For me the tragedy of a staunched kinetic, of an irradiation of organic invading the general thought stream. A loss of nourishment for the subsequent inner power of  humanity. A bottomless incandescence that may have irrigated a secretive informational complex in the Occident not existing as a terse and derived calamity empowered by a protracted and superficial pulse. Not an ideological acessment on my part but an understanding that the mind at large remains harried, subsequent, sans the power of protracted strengthening by insight. 
I am of the persuasion that the known  mind in the Occident  may have included a psycho-cellular component not as mystique but as a gathering of higher forces. As for ideological reasoning or rotational deadening I remain open to the sorcery of suggestion. 

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