Jose Duarte Remembering the Curandero

My work is related to awakening states of consciousness.

where the perception of shapes and colors unite us to that ancestral history

A history coming from shamanism, from the dream world as messages from the divine.

Zen and and symbiosis with pachamama are elements that bring us to these states of consciousness.

My goal is to open dimensional portals through my paintings

José Duarte is a Chilean artist who develops his work from an original idea articulated in a pre-Columbian world view that is ascribed to a Neosurrealism. José Duarte interprets dream states with plastic elements from found objects and waste materials. He uses mixed media such as cardboard, wood, collages, drawing, acrylic and oils.
He currently composes the collective “Al Margen”, a Chilean collective that proposes a new vision of Chilean art

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