Irene Plazewska Occurrences

Night Stalking

There is a twilight experience that happens between the body coming between memory and a surface. This interference can assemble a dream occurrence that arrives as quickly as it departs. Arklow, Ireland artist Irene Plazewska describes her encounter with occurrence and the act of assembling.

I meet many secretive creatures on my evening beach walks. They beckon me to photograph them and then walk away. The tides bring them & take them away again. I’ve been making assemblages since I was a child, but never tire of it 60 plus years later. The small port town if Arklow on the east coast of Ireland is my home and the miles of coastline is where I go to play.

Across the Eyelid of Chance

Irene Plazewska has had her work featured in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. Irene studied at the Chicago Art Institute and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. You can find her on the beach most days. She also extends her talent to women’s groups and working with families.

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