Dream Gardens of Gregg Simpson

Garden of Hermes
Acrylic on canvas, 76.2 cm x 86.36 cm, 2019

After seeing an exhibition in Aix-en-Provence of works by Nicolas de Staël which he had done in many regions of the south of France I had also worked in. I set out to explore colour in all its variety. Using landscape as a starting point I soon began incorporating traces of alchemical symbols such as the crescent moon which forms part of the symbol of Hermes.

Hermetic Landscape
Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 30″, 2010

Although this wasn’t the original intent, the idea evolved after arranging my second solo exhibition since 2001 in the Salle de Couvent in Seillans, the last home of Max Ernst, where he lived and work with his wife, painter Dorothea Tanning. But my art ultimately derives from the landscape, whether it is my own west coast forests or the lavender fields of ProvenceGregg Simpson

Max and Dorothea
Acrylic on Canvas 70cmx59.6cm

A prolific and critically recognized artist and musician, Gregg Simpson has exhibited his paintings, drawings, and works on paper throughout Canada, the US, Europe, South America and Asia. His work is included in several academic studies, art history books and journals published in Canada, Europe, and Australia and has been exhibited in several historical surveys on surrealism and abstraction.


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