Oracle of Nature Alejandra López-Riffo

My impulse to create has to do with a need to highlight or in this case in images, a journey of self-knowledge. It is in turn, the macro journey that all of us pursue in some way. Beauty, in the folds of the shadow.

Alluding metaphorically to such opposite aspects of the human being, it is the construction that tries to embrace all human dimensions. Although this task requires a whole life, without a doubt all my work brings to light my experience with Nature.

From a very young age, nature and its intensity allowed me to discover how important and unique this passage through the world is. Any lucid experience with nature, will carry with it the search for the true in any field, even more so in art, where there is no other direction than revelation.

The language of images, shapes, colors and symbols allow me to reflect on the work itself and its various readings, this language will speak despite the artist, that for me is an act of conscience, from my position as a human being and the mandate of life, that Art reveals when you know with certainty what you have to do.

Drawing and watercolor allow me to contrast concepts such as control and chaos, line and stain, light and shadow, dilemmas not only plastic, which account for a graph of their own, if not also spiritual dilemmas of being.

Achieving a harmonious balance of these concepts is what I pursue in each work. When I work on a work, I let the watercolor express or suggest the image, letting go, what chance proposes to me, in the stain and the path of the water-Alejandra López-Riffo

Alejandra López Riffo is a Visual Artist based in Santiago de Chile, who began her artistic career at the Escuela Experimental Artística. She studied at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana Graphic Design. In 1998 she graduated in Visual Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has developed her artistic work by participating in various group exhibitions and projects. individual. In 2019 she received second place in the XII Visual Arts Contest of the Fobeju Foundation “Body and Place” Chile. Her participation in 2021 stands out with the First Place and winner of the “II Encounter of Women in the Visual Arts” and her Individual Exhibition “Listen in a low voice what my drawings say” broadcast in Chile, Colombia and Mexico through the Grouping MUA INTERNACIONAL. The last Exhibition of her “CAMELOT” is in the Gallery ESGALLERY Colombia, Convocation of Contemporary Latin American Art spread in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina

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