Felipe Balzo Visual Poet

What is art? Why do I paint? The eternal question that does not mean anything and at the same time everything.
What is life?

One day an old man told me, “No, I don’t like abstract art, because I don’t understand it.” Ah! I said, and thought about it for months. And one day I said to myself, how wonderful, not to understand it!

When I look at the sun, I call it the sun, but do I see through it? Do I understand it? I can even define it in many words. The truth is that I don’t I know and I don’t understand. The more we name them, the more we get used to
those names.

Art reminds us that behind the words that name things there is a reality that we do not understand that revives this mystery, which is so necessary.

So, I said to myself, how wonderful. That in a space, in a corner, a work of art, in a space of reality that we take for granted is a small object that gives me the possibility of not understanding. It reminds me, that behind all these familiar things, where I see their names every day, there is something bigger.

Art reminds us of the mystery and we build successively in pursuit of it. Defining concepts, expressing ideas, concerns and dreams which are assembled and come together around an investigation. This goes back to your whole being and even after seeing it tells us things that we could not even foresee. It can be said that art expands our sense of understanding about the unintelligible, like games for children.

Art, in the same sense allows us to explore reality from a refuge. To probe what cannot be understood beyond the names.. to make it visible in some way, in other words, does art expand our reality?Felipe Balzo

Felipe Balzo is an artist from Chile

felipebalzo@gmail.com / teléfono: +56 9 61168257

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