Phantom Thoughts of Rene Ortega Villarroel

Aboriginal ancestors from our past developed a diagrammatic x-ray vision that not only revealed anatomical features but also recorded the internal pressure, a psychic meteorology within the body.

Rene Fernando Ortega Villarroel is a visual artist from Chile who practices the ancient tradition of X-ray vision in his painting. Rene has exhibited work in Chile and Argentina. He is involved in many cultural art programs that have related to hospitals, children and teaching art professionally.


Mi figura se forja yen verdaderas maquinas radiográficas antropológicas y psíquicas de la existencia humana actual caracterizada por la soledad y la incomunicación más radical y enfermiza conocida por el hombre donde circunda este mundo imaginario de la naturaleza del ser humano son uno.
En el color la forma se expresan en un grito de desolación y destrucción las cuales se mutan a través de un mundo poético visual.



My figure is forged in an original anthropological and psychic radiographic tradition. I create pictures of the inside of the body influenced by machinal technology. This is a chronic condition on human experience. My themes include loneliness and illness relating to this kind of isolation caused by mechanical technology. I aspire to unite the natural and imaginary world as one. In color the form is expressed in a cry of desolation and transformation which are mutated through a visual poetic world.

3 Replies to “Phantom Thoughts of Rene Ortega Villarroel”

  1. Osvaldo Alvarez says:

    Es un gran ser humano, a través de, sus enseñanzas, aprendí a observar el entorno. Es un honor ser uno de sus aprendíces.

    He is a GREAT human being, thru his lessons, I’ve learn how to watch the surrounding environment. I’m honores of being one of his aprentíces.



  2. Filomena Alfaro says:

    Conmovedora forma de expresar ,hasta calar los huesos ,remueve todo lo establecido ,origina cuestionamientos internos impensados …admirable !!


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