The Tarot of Diana Calabaza Cósmica

Tarot images have inspired Andre Breton, Roberto Matta, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and many others . The archetypical images of the tarot serve as a map key. These key images help the viewer to interpret the language of their subconsciousness.

Diana Calabaza Cósmica is a Spanish artist who is interested in dream worlds and the mysteries of nature. Diana has never considered herself an artist but only an interpreter of her own eyes.

While being an Art Historian Diana’s artistic training is intuitive and self taught. She prefers not to rely on any institutional sequence. Her themes sway between the innocent and naïve. As well as gliding over the dark and silent. She has worked for several Spanish publishers such as Aurora Dorada and La Felguera. Diana Calabaza Cósmica has had solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Mexico and the United States. She is currently preparing a complete tarot deck while painting daily.

My creative process begins every morning out of psychological necessity. Drawing, painting, creating divinatory objects and poems, all are part of the same. I have always known that the expressive is more important than the perfect because the technique must be the vehicle and not the objective. My paintings are forced to look and question what they see.

And what they see is people, me included. My characters, like me, seek coherence between mind, heart and stomach, between mechanical time and the natural world. My tarot cards and the intervened playing cards represent new Arcana that create a different system of reading, free and poetic that, most likely, does not require rules, only knowing how to look and be seen from the inside.

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