First Genesis / Ghadah KAMAL /Translated by Dr. Yousef Hanna

First Genesis / Ghadah Kamal

Translated From Arabic Dr. Yousef Hanna

The first cell X The first Genesis X the first imagination =

Initial interaction

I create the train tracks of the patriarchal acoustic history

I burn the maternal authority

to milk the train

May all the children of the world celebrate the extinction of the power/family lice

May they dispel the remnants of the Big Bang

They sculpt from clay

Gods wearing skirts of severed tongues,

Pee on them in a surreal revolution

Singing the first Manifesto

No power

No sanctity

No thrones

The communal Dinosaurs’ Choir


The big Exodus

The scorching earth

The missionary dance of extinction

To the tunes of Adagio-Albinoni

Birth and Objective Coincidence

The sun sniffles with creative ecstasy

The galaxy quavering to her ecstasy

Striking the earth by meteors of eternal Orgasm

Carbon and Oxygen’s First Battle

The first and last oceans of life

Continental Migration


Me and the children of the earth meet

Kneading of flint stone spears

We cut every umbilical cord that overwhelms us

It will be a free birth

After the death of the last dinosaur

Then we collect those umbilical cords

We sew wings and fly as New Era Dragons

Post power

I’m heavy

I lived forever tied to my umbilical cord

They will find out soon

They will kill me with the Lord’s spear they kneaded

Since they knew the core of lightness

I’ll ask them to make a doll out of my flesh

And not to tie her with my umbilical cord,

one more time,

Let me be a light doll

And the train of eternal history runs on the tracks of the previous and subsequent fathers

Towards a future without adults

A future full of winged childhood dragons

Originally published in french at

By / Mohsen Elbelasy

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