Mitchell Pluto: 3 paintings

In my work I like being surprised by outcomes that rely on the surrealist method of automatism. This includes recycling past work as collage material.. When I’m not painting I make copper enamel jewelry which I cut, file and torch by hand.

The Trespassing Mouth

the trespassing mouth is an effigy locator. a symbolic punisher. it has a soft spot for finding target’s to talk about. it is viral and highly contagious. on it’s best behavior the trespassing mouth is charming because it wants excessive attention but meanwhile it intrudes without permission.

it feeds on those who are tenderly attentive and secretly angry. the trespassing mouth is a subject of great debate but remains a hidden category that influences our highest courts and officials. scientists aren’t really too sure what it is. it behaves like a parasite and needs a host. it believes in a non representational freedom that it uses as an excuse to do whatever it wants.

we know it adapts structurally to the mouth where it suppresses cognition in the brain while mining and feeding on internal anger. use of empathy seems to show remarkable healing results in the fight against the trespassing mouth.

written by Mitchell Pluto

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