Revue de la POÉSIE  in TOTO 2 Issued today, Edited BY Abdul Kadir Al Janabi

Do the swallow’s droppings make the spring of poets?

Imagine poets around a banquet table offering their works to the hard tooth of the reader who is alone invited to formulate cruel and timely impressions. We would then be inviting poets whose words cannot be given without being held, and thus available over a distance, whatever the term. In the branche line of nuances, the signs articulate their singing facies.

  ISSN : 2741-6925 ISBN : 979-10-96441-18-1  Editorial Director: :  A. K. El Janabi   Editorial Board: Mona Huerta, Charles Illouz, Marc Kober, Denis Moscovici, Pierre Petiot,
Axel Sourisseau   Graphic design and layout: : Laura Hortense   Editorial contact:   Éditions de l’Asymétrie 38, rue Fabre d’Églantine 31000 Toulouse  

Composition of the front cover by Laura Hortense from a collage by Mohsen Elbelasy. / back cover, Rachel Fijalkowska, Fantômette (glass-cliché, 2014).

In this issue of Revue de la poésie in toto

Contemporary poetic expression, critical approaches :

 Charles Illouz, Abdul Kader El Janabi, Pierre Petiot.

Spotlight on a short-lived magazine from the 1930s : Discontinuité

Denis Moscovici.

For its third jubilee, prosopopoeia of the Paris Commune :

C’est la canaille eh bien j’en suis ! Auguste Poulon, Axel Sourisseau.

An archaeological incursion into the poetic work of Paul Léautaud

Auguste Poulon.

A stroll through Élie-Charles Flamand ‘s cabinet of curiosities

And always splendid textes, poemes & illustrations !

  • Unpublished prose and verse: Sylvestre Clancier, A. K. El Janabi, Giovanna, Jean-Michel Goutier, Ghadah Kamal, Victor Malzac, Christian Marsan, Pierre Petiot, Axel Sourisseau.
  • Streaching voices, american (Thom Burns, Allan Graubard, Brooke C. Rothwell) and French (Philippe Bouret, Marc Kober, Jacques Lacomblez).
  • Poets out of the past: André Delons, Tristan Klingsor, Cécile Sauvage, René Ghil, François Porché.
  • Unexpected poets: Antoine Colavolpe et Fang Wu
  • Critical texts and clarifications : Michael Richardson, Jean-Luc Steinmetz.
  • Illustrations by AKEJ, Isabelle Anselot, Philippe Bouret, Thom Burns, Thomas Desqueyroux, Maroine Dib, Mohsen Elbelasy, Rachel Fijalkowska, Kryzysztof Fijalkowski, Kathleen Fox, Giovanna, Laura Hortense, Rik Lina, Paul Paun, Axel Sourisseau, Marianne Van Hirtum, Richard Waara, John Welson.


In fine, La grande pâle, Paul Păun

Revue de la poésie in toto

All the texts are in French.


Éditions de l’Asymétrie 38, rue Fabre d’Églantine 31000 Toulouse (France)

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➢ Number 2………………… 15 €

Subscription for 2 issues 25 €

Support subscription.. 40 €

Shipping costs included for France and other countries

Order and payment by cheque or credit card

at Éditions de l’Asymétrie

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