2 Poems by Wade German

Wade German is the author of the poetry collections Dreams from a Black Nebula (Hippocampus Press, 2014), The Ladies of the Everlasting Lichen and Other Relics (Mount Abraxas Press, 2019)  and the verse drama Children of Hypnos (Raphus Press, 2020). His poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies.


Eerie sunlight scratches my window

With coppery nails

As the afternoon brings the sleep of the cannibals

Having eaten all morning long

In the web-like wings of translucent tissue

A breeze stirs my hair

The roads seep with dismal fog

And empty teeth are crowded with hunger

Trembling in icy gelatine


As I creep along the balcony near dusk

Sponges fall from my pocket

Leaping from bright ledges of air

Into the wide-open mouth of my shadow below

Which follows me

In tatters of my former shadow

Beneath the umbrellas that shade all the sleepers

Drenched in ether of morphine

Turning to leather

As I approach the boundary

And begin to wonder

Night’s mantle covers the earth

By the blue lamps the receding footsteps


They come after dusk slowly as drifting waves of soot

Stained red by the setting sun

Across the papery hills enveloped in brine

Across the lake of eyes

As the village retreats from the distance

The houses folding softly in shadows of airless heat


As they come from the colour of space

With claws of old sorcery

The savour of orange

And the long white hair of witches

Spreading downy wings on the pulsing grass

They come after dusk

When fair semblances return to the faint remoteness

From the margin going forwards

To the transmitting forest

With shabby green suits and muddy shoes

From the city of the dead

Crying vermilion

With the creatures of salt

Lifting out teeth from sections of unconsecrated ground

In flowery volume 

Chosen by the windy chattering jaws

At crepuscular barriers

Many of them travel vast distances

From far fields of lavender

In stillness

That seems to be waiting for something

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