my psychic damage

power ratings of the

my “life of transgenders”

unrelated: gastrointestinal

dis-stress (related) my

relatives don’t call me my

name i don’t called them

as off then they’d like them

to be it’s a minor cruelties

song who are you song

i am disaster girlie i

am an unstable conc


wife laser concept

tion of emptinged room

ment my childhood again

“it was okay, despite”

no—thispite. “it was

okay, thispite” hold

trying find a face in:

random patter nshott thru

wiff a laser bringinging it

back to to round the com

pairtive angle-wish of

“of the horror of part


at all. something

something beauty

“hole verse thing

feels hopeless” type

image of the image

of a photo but

you can’t quite see

it (pause to think)

it being an it pronouch

child wanting itness

itness was all was a

lowed and lowed a loud

Bio: Originally from Oxford, Ohio, Ava Hofmann is a trans writer currently living and working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has poems published in or forthcoming from Poetry Daily, Black Warrior Review, Fence, Anomaly, Best American Experimental Writing 2020, The Fanzine, Datableed, and elsewhere. Her interactive chapbook, “THE WOMAN FACTORY,” was published via The OS. Her latest chapbook is “my my summer of total failure”, published by The Offending Adam. Her full length collection “[…]”, is forthcoming in 2021, with more books on the way. She also edits SPORAZINE, a magazine of experimental writing written by trans people. Her website is and her twitter is @st_somatic

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