“Your last kiss!”

Text by: Onfwan Fouad/ Algeria
Translation from Arabic by: Dr, Yousef Hanna/ Palestine

Your last kiss
Is boiling
Down this mouth
The more I remembered you,
the cracks of speech opened
Like a wintry spring.
This morning
The deeper I went, more and more
The lip became
As a fruit slipped through the harvest hands.
I eagerly await the sun every morning
To rise from the longing side
But does not bring you
How silent the day can be?
On such an act!
I count the days on the fingers of time
Daytime falls
Evening falls
And in-between falls
On the table of absence.
All of a sudden moment of attraction,
I stand with my heart,
Your absence,
Your name,
And with your postponed dates
On the horn of a white bull
Weary of love
Tired of us all
taking pity on the question
He changes our position to the opposite horn
We drop hierarchically;
And your dates
With your name
On your absence
in my heart
On a dead page…
Words wrap
around me:
-Do not worry
Just sit between us and close your eyes.
Pull out a pen and write the following:
It wasn’t the white bull’s horn fault
It wasn’t love’s fault
It wasn’t a falling fault
It was not an absence’s fault
The question was not wrong …
Words shut up
Pen hinges
Lies like a body – I know its owner –
He gets up again, goes on tasks that I do not know
After his shadow wrote a complete sentence;

  • I couldn’t find your back
    Crucify me on it!

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