3 poems by /Clayre Benzadón

Edited by / Giorgia Pavlidou


Clayre Benzadón is an MFA graduate student at the University of Miami, managing editor of Sinking City, and Broadsided Press’s Instagram editor. Her chapbook, “Liminal Zenith” was published by SurVision Books. She was also awarded the 2019 Alfred Boas Poetry Prize for “Linguistic Rewilding” and published in places including SWWIM, 14poems, and Crêpe and Penn, as well as forthcoming in ANMLY and Fairy Tale Review. You can find more about her at clayrebenzadon.com

Blood Moon Call

before the rain.

Melted luster
warms the avocado-
dim human like
a soap-carved ghost. 

Kindling sand
whistles into smudged 
film over oxblood

dragonfly month
lapsing into plum jam,
coyote bone 


Delicious bigmouth, 

eat me deep,

chew me soft,

into Big League

Chew. Make

a loud smack,


wild, shout

from your snout.

Shotgun the lion

out of me like

your royal right.

You exist on lies.

Bits of moth confetti

out and shred into

soggy taffy,

what’s left

of me.

Fat pig,

blow me


and you’ll taste

pear, you’ll

find me

as a pearl,

or pie

gone solid.


Frigid animal,

welcome birthday,

birds, with hay

in their beaks, braided,

come to dig a new

grid of man’s main

land. Cows mow

warmth, almost mew,

sometimes with low


Rigid fig,


a bay’s rib

bids farewell

so easily, cracks

just like that.

There is only

a bone left

below clavicle,

floating, contract-

ion cage. Bar it.

Musk, ox, wolf,

Hold in respiration,

repair the part

of a ripe break

sparing delivery.


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