(The Returning War) Georges Henein

(The Returning War) Georges Henein

  1. The times are grave
  2. Governments keep their blood cold
  3. Satisfied to pour the blood of the people
  4. The times are increasingly grave
  5. Mobilization is not the war
  6. War is not death
  7. And then there is eternal life
  8. Free admission
  9. The rights of humanity are in danger
  10. Justice is in danger
  11. Civilization is in danger
  12. Profit is in danger
  13. And the urinals on swiveling wheels are equally in danger
  14. Silence to the cowards
  15. Words are for the lickers
  16. Of Asses
  17. The train schedule to Bordeaux
  18. We have a homeland after all
  19. We have to show that we are men
  20. Business men
  21. Handymen who can do anything
  22. Even their homework
  23. Their most sacred homework
  24. To shit in their pants
  25. He who shits last shits the best
  26. The soldiers have run out of wine
  27. Still the bitterness remains
  28. Lucky buggers are the dead
  29. Lucky buggers are the prisoners
  30. Miserable are the living
  31. From the front
  32. From the back
  33. Changing mistresses at every attack
  34. And cars at every success
  35. Miserable are the living
  36. Here are some bullets, rifles, grenades,
  37. Here are some arms
  38. Against the living
  39. Against man
  40. Know how to use them
  41. Know how to make use of them
  42. In the service of the final battle
  43. The battle of the damned
    45.The victory of the damned
  44. Happy are the living

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