A Gravestone on the tomb of the Temple Fridge wireless Body / by : Amar Abid Al- Khaliq

A Gravestone on the tomb of the Temple Fridge wireless Body
By : Amar Abid Al- Khaliq

Translated by : Raad Zamil

the Metamorphosed slowly returns to move The face of
He crashes into an inner spaceship on a fast-dancing night
Suddenly he spun his dream pall out of the basins of decaying walls
Then, he was eaten by what was left of the “perdition overtake
Both hands of Abu Lahab” mask
Like Arabian horses they run inside the first family tree
driven by a camera on an automated worms pickling cycle
Lenses of the saint’s body waiting for the water game
Barefoot , his head flopped by soft commercial cubes
He holds the tips of his feet up
He strips the fingernails of the silicone round dolls, driving a horse in the sun’s rays
Fat dungeon to kill attacking sectarian medicine
Places a tire as a gibbet
General strike, and the revolutionary voice raises mechanically
According to the sexual desire of the channel.
You, you two , you, we
The lymph vessel can is bearded with volumes of fluid
In the massacre of the Path buffalo inside the body tissues
Plexus of white blood escaped with the Buddha
A trap of nails on top of a burial ground
Fills the ruins of visuals with ancient talismans and myths atop the wild
A hollow bell with sleeping cells is waiting
When will the peace trial be ?
With its spine, the mouth is pointed, and the veins
are tapped by the inner tunica at the head of the minaret.
A New Year
A year of general mental impairment
The year of the fallen fruits in the plate of the fifth division
A year that lacks the threshold arm of the man in charge of
A year old fell asleep unintentionally in a narrow alley
A year that is forged with water and mud
The priesthood lantern sings
Pirates in the narrow gate of museums milled from the remains of the Vatican
You’re all but responsible men in Berlin pocket,
And all of you are responsible for paranoia juice.

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