(The Corporation – COVID 39)/ by : raid salama

(The Corporation)

( COVID 39)

They woke up at 6 am as they are used to for several years that they have stopped counting. She asked him to leave his mask for her to take to the district hospital and use the other one. Each citizen was allowed two masks only, one to be used for a week while the other gets cleaned and sanitized by the district hospital to be used in the following week. The “Corporation” was very strict to the extent that it put an electronic chip within the mask to automatically record the actual usage hours and it imposes big fines to be deducted from the Gross Income Points (GIP’s) on those who exceed the limitation. The mask is made of soft rubber that is similar to the one used in the past to make condoms and it covers the whole body from the top of the head to the bottom of the heels in a way that does not conceal features of the face and body. The “Corporation” started to produce and distribute such kind of masks for free after the virus mutated and aggressively attacked, infecting humans as it is transmitted not only by droplets or breaths. After it mutated and eluded, it disappeared a little, and then it reappeared in a violent manner and hit harshly, filling the land and the sky imposing its deadly effect all over the planet. It has transferred as a pandemic, in the air, water, in streets, on beds, in rainy clouds, in the fields of wheat, in petals of flowers, between the pages of books and in clothes, calling for an urgent need for more hedging that exceeded the respiratory outlets to all the pores of the body, and thus the full mask was invented. As a result of wearing this mask all the time, people’s genitals atrophied with only the pee function resulting in Testosterone and Estrogen to become a memory from the past that medicine students study under the section of evolution of mankind. However, scientists successfully were able to keep the bodies’ ability to produce sperms and oocytes and therefore the pregnancy was possible but out of uterus. The allowed number of children was calculated based on each family’s Net Income Points (NIP’s). That is how programs of “Birth-Control” made use of the virus evolution to achieve population target objectives which were just like dreams never came true in the past. There was no need for governmental spending on “Birth-Control” campaigns and there were no foundlings and gays.

He took a shower using the distilled water share that the “Corporation” distributes according to very strict measures set by actuarial experts. Providing any excess amount of water even for extra fees was impossible. There was no excuse for exceptions. There was no need for money, it completely disappeared since the “Corporation” provides all consumables: water, electricity, food, clothes, fuel…etc. as well as homes, cars, and the masks’ cleaning and sanitization services that district hospitals provide as a sole function.  All citizens were working for the “Corporation” which owns everything. Citizens’ working hours were exactly twelve hours a day and they are translated through special measures based on the work nature and uniqueness into the Gross Income Point (GIP’s), the process that ends up with calculating the Net Income Points (NIP’s) , that is used as a base for determination of  number of allowed children, after deducting values of all consumables provided by the “Corporation”. All citizens die when reaching exactly the age of sixty or when they get the viral infection and hence the “Corporation” sends a doctor to inject the infected citizen with a merciful poison to immediately die with no pain. The “Corporation’s” doctors work was just limited to two functions: uterus pregnancy and infected citizen’s killing.        

He left the house after taking the shower, switched on the motor of his car which he left unlocked -as all citizens do- for sanitization at 5 am, there was no need to lock cars as there was no single theft reported, thefts disappeared as the Testosterone and Estrogen did. He arrived at his office at 7 am and found an electronic message sent to him and his wife with a copy to the manager of the “Corporation” stating that an increase of the family’s Net Income Points (NIP) was approved to a level that allows them to have a child and therefore it will send them a doctor tonight at 11 pm to take a sample of his sperms and his wife’s oocytes for uterus pregnancy. The matter was not surprising to him, everything was planned for.  He arrived at home at 8 pm, his wife took a frozen meal of two big steaks from the refrigerator and put in the microwave. They had their lunch in the living room in front of the television where an old movie called “Countdown” was shown, they closed their eyes after the movie ended. At 11 pm, they heard knocks on the door, they woke up, the doctor was there, and the matter took just ten minutes. fifty minutes later, they peacefully left as they have reached sixty.

Collages by Ghadah Kamal

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