The Rally Call of The Ivory Deputy / by : Corey Bobco

The Rally Call of The Ivory Deputy

Corey Bobco

A collage narrative written using the text generator writing tool

The ivory deputy: “…enough is our political direction, family, as on the senseless murder of darkness claimed for all officers, our turn to attend. We will scrub this sentiment the cops should go away. We have regularly scheduled meetings to show that duties are gallows and—trying to collect bribes, my breath in a common project. These little things make all critics a darkness claimed into our privilege, surrounded by the senseless murder of laughter that can be rotated among a wide range of solitude—utter silence, my station, to prevent this is a regimen of public opinion.”

A collective functions within the deep South unmarred by accountability and its butchers: Coptopia, All Supporters of the tyranny of the unrestricted and all officers, a moment of hearing the “lawlessness” of laughter burst into “victories” that made you imagine what cops think of existence. These little things make all over.

“All critics of the worth or merit of the deep South remain unmarred by the opponents and define them. Anti police signs or anti law enforcement are invited to attend: No anti law enforcement are invited to walk back however, please come out and kill themselves or go directly to jail” continued the ivory deputy.

That was the Main police decree, bring water, guns, racial profiling, powerful business organisations and rule by the silent majority to rights and legal persons and dissidents. It is a purification rite which will have regularly scheduled meetings to share information about the deep South remain unmarred. The ivory deputy viewed the principles and the social structures of the wilderness burst into by kind of behavior as the humiliation of a high seat amongst the social unrest spreads, an intrusion upon his monopoly of violence: “War is god and the unity and strength of the holy terror of tasers. For too long, the demonized minority…”

Such systems always seek license to imagine. Totalitarian systems demand that of the ivory deputy and gallows and privilege. But how can be heard whispering of law enforcement behind closed doors, boastful tallies of unjustified murders scrub the broken promises of liberal reform with prey upon minorities and games of victories against cameras and strength of existence? These thuggish tactics against activists and arbitrary subjugation of silence for their places as legal status quo bias built into a living metaphor of the way of cops, how many things make all over.

They might exist temporarily as on our business so we publish and attend, we publish and accountability. We will have to share information about the cops should go away. The ultimate game to combat the ivory deputy. For too long, everything belonged to them, Cops, for too long, engage in a regimen of scandal and rule by police headquarters persecuted the demonized minority. Enough is enough and to be stripped of the silent majority is enough! What they decree is lunatic asylums and for-profit prisons and how many lives ended by the concatenated prejudices of an omnipotent police obsessed with games and war and darkness.

By : Corey Bobco

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