The Time has only a dick / By : Ghadah Kamal

Heaven has no head
The earth is legless
The Time has only a dick

The man with a severed head is looking for the stars,

The stars are there between the Boobs
of a barren woman

The Music is :

Gasp of the passion of the orgasm of lives

All things are scattered there in that corner of the subconscious.

His head became heavy

He amputated it

And he went, carrying it on his chest, looking for the stars.

But he won’t see it
It was there next to him between her Boobs

The stars are without eyes,
The sun expands her thighs to illuminate the sky.

The dice player severed his hand and left it there at the table,
The headless man is waiting,
That barren beauty women took off her Boobs and the stars went out

B.L.C,city _______

كاتب وشاعر وفنان تشكيلي وباحث في علوم النقد الأدبي والفني ومترجم

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