4 poems and drawings / by :Giorgia Pavlidou

ritual of the resurrected female dervish  

climbing out of her own festering wounds

with black diamonds for eyes

& silicon lips

her skin plastic 

her scars embalmed 

with the burning bones of christian saints

she whirls 

like thousand cappadocian dervishes 

condensed in a micro-second


through arid anatolian mindscapes 

her whirling 

changes direction 

when you offer 

the other cheek 

i look at her & weep 

her third eye weeps with me

& together we weep relentless monsoons of esoteric lava

turning new rome to ashes 

building splendiferous cities on top of constantinople 

& shooting turkish skies to pieces 

while allah forgot his rifle

in an american mosque 

& philip lamantia 

got arrested in a san francisco church 

for BEING the marvelous

intergalactic fornication


in a world where

the sun turns square overnight

magical cobalt flowers

with intergalactic tentacles

inseminate atlantic mermaids

to enchant turquoise butterflies

& transform them

into caterpillars of gold


when a sparkling hibiscus

flower from another galaxy
makes love to a poem

written on planet earth
in an endangered language
with words high-jacked

from the poop of neoliberal dogs
ferocious sirens whirl in ecstasy 

to heavy-metal music
in backside bunkers of your brain

dreamless slumber  

 i have learned to spend dead money

earn deceased currency

use the credit cards of assassination

i have learned to eat catatonic fruit

eat comatose beef

swallow the vegetables of asphyxiation

after years of consuming murdered food

and spending the cash of cannibalism

will my body still speak?

or has it committed suicide

long time ago

with me still in there



in dreamless


only $2.50


an ant colony of shades of brown

in banaras

at the shores of the holy ganges

where corpses are crisp

& human ashes are mistaken for the heavens

an american breakfast is only $2.50

the view you get for free

bon appetit

no need to tip

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