Sydewerlding / By : Douglas Park


Convenient nextdoor neighbouring wasteland and droughtzone, barren — even by such standards — but place where furrows plow and tend themselves.    

Subsequently, newborn lunar desert grows enclosure surrounds and covering rooftop.   

Behind there, indoors, down below and underneath.   River and ocean, bank and shore, bed and depths.  Mud quagmire and quicksand saltmarsh — extraction and drainage — ignite, burn, crumble and dissolve.  Ensuing sawdust, rusty filings and raw ash —  which weep, perspire and bleed — far beyond mere death gone and passed.   Careworn, tired, weak and empty.   

Until diluted and impure irrigation-supply comes to the rescue.  Dosage and salvation, planted and sunken, dryness and need, absorb and swallow.              

So awoken, that fresh again, then strength returns, before empowerment is attained and rejuvenating back.        

Next, they become multicoloured — infinite spectrum flashes up — solid ground, actually turning into completely different material substances altogether — in fast change — each one after another — when not on overload, same time, all at once.          

Tropical coral reef of very much living and healthy glitter, sequin, millefiori, chameleon and kaleidoscopic pollen and spores.          

Hyperactive decoration pattern and pictorial imagery.  Embroidery carpet pavement, stained-glass see-through flooring, jewelry mosaic terrain.   Rainforest jungle gardens blossom.  Clear water flows.           

           Photo : ©, Copyright, Oriana Dierinck

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