Surrealism &Black Lives Matter / anonymous surrealist

Surrealism & Black Lives Matter.

Ronnie Burk. The History of America. Originally from Race Traitor #9.

Keep in mind that surrealism began as a liberation movement, not as an artistic or literary exercise. Despite its initial post-Dada sense of provocation & anarchic denunciations of restraints placed upon the mind, they eventually evolved to make a comprehensive and lucid critique of all the oppressive systems of their time–systems that have by brutality & exploitation continued into the present.

As long ago as the 1930s with tracts like Murderous Humanitarianism, the Surrealist Group in France stood against the racist colonial exploitation and white hypocrisy carried out by France, the U.S. and the West. To learn more of this history check out books like Refusal of the Shadow which presents material from the Tropiques group, or How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney, or dozens of other books and articles written by black scholars & surrealists.

Here we are in 2020 and many white people in the U.S. are being manipulated into a phony outrage over the– consequences– of this heritage of racism & dispossession that carried on in other forms after chattel slavery was abolished. It’s so easy for white folks to spout cliches about how blacks need to get over it, how slavery ended, how we define ourselves by our hard work, and numerous other pithy evasions. ” Do as the cops say, why did you run, they are all thugs and looters, no one ever gave me anything and I’m white, how dare you want that boot off your neck,” and it goes on and on.

Meanwhile in the streets we see white society and its police unions in love with Trump, white property owners and the various currents of neo-fascism from Fox News, Proud Boys, Three Percent militias to Atomwaffen & Patriot Front still out to subjugate black and indigenous bodies, to stifle their voices and distort their message. Trump could say ‘get those son of a bitches off the field’ and a thousand and one bigots screamed about peaceful, symbolic protest until they were blue in the face, but meanwhile they presented a never ending chorus of fallacies and waffling in support of a system that should have ended long ago. And now they have the gall to demand everyone remain civil, tolerant, patient as more prisons and graveyards continue to be filled.

As we have seen, capitalism & whiteness is very tenacious, and will leverage your fear of property damage and economic insecurity by finding new scapegoats each time the heinous legacy of American racism erupts into civil unrest. Look into the roots of this situation and you will find the rude truth that the U.S. was imposed upon Turtle Island and they have written their constitution with the blood of those who were seen as not worthy of inclusion in their majestic tirade about equality. This is where these divisions were initially implemented, creating the social context we are still forced into today.

War is Good Business./Ronnie Burk

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