Exvestigative&Inploratory Extrepitude& Inpedition / by : Douglas Park





(Photo of Douglas Park ©, Copyright, Oriana Dierinck)


Prepared, readiness, await.  

Homegrown, domesticated and personal-usage meteorology, weather and climate sector air-condition, centrally heat and cleanse the premises, local neighbourhood and further-a-field beyond.  D.I.Y household geological processing and landmasses.  Assembly-kit astral-constellation circuitry and solar-system equipment. 

Until approached, arrival and enters.  

Once indoors, steep, hewn and rugged mountainside walls and fortress albino coalface torrentially perspire overflowing sweat downpour and spillage. 

Uphill, scaling, ascend.

Broad daylight majority (with more than just some mist, fog and clouds), eventually or very soon leading to shrunken hermetic enclosure confines. 

Ultimate planetarium, supreme control-panel, almighty headquarters.

Shadow blackout darkness nighttime regime.   Stain, burn, debris.  Place, environs, atmosphere. 

View-range-finder-sights, telescope, observatory.

Solitary contents and sunlight-source.  Tabletop window hull lunar terrain complexioned porthole lens glazing crystal ball.  Serving as prison and trap, but also protection and display.   Habitat of rock-pool wishing-well vivarium, full up with snowstorm paperweight toytown.  

Active projectionist, as well as empowered puppeteer.  

Any stray, idle or careless gesture, movement or touch will influence, prompt, guide, steer, cause and create exterior.  From nextdoor area, to elsewhere, then distant long-way-off world, cosmos and reality.       

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