The wooden dog / Poem by : Ghadah Kamal

Blue is blackish

Dancing in drunken circles

Wrinkles of time curves on plates.
The dog is hungry,
The homeless man plays his music and dancing

The bus is full of robots

Phantom of the opera spreads its wings over the city.

A frightened cat crosses the road.

The city doesn’t know the sky,

The city is a gruesome
old woman who doesn’t know any breathing before,

The homeless takes off his clothes and spits on the ground of the blue city.

The hungry wooden dog raises its foot and urinates at the gate of the city / the God’s gate .

A voice on the radio of the city informs them about the numbers of fossilized bodies.

The cat makes the full bus turn over,

The city gates are opening

The Phantom of the opera feels satiated,

Outside the city gates,

the homeless person sees the sky……….

Collages By : Ghadah Kamal :

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