Roman Poet in Los Angeles / by : Giorgia Pavlidou

By : Giorgia Pavlidou

who would have thought that


besides chardonnay

also included melancholy

that even the sparrows

wouldn’t dare looking back

during the month of july

when there’s a void blowing

through right-wing exhaust fumes

& yes: antonin artaud is still dead

& yes: will alexander is still self-isolating

& yes: i am still


searching for athens

in down-town los angeles

without knowing it

longing for grilled meat

in one of the few vegan taverns

with outdoor seating

passing time

rereading ts eliot’s waste land

even though i know

he’d vote for x

while i’d vote for y

it’s summer in california

his waste land’s telling me


the sun gets drunk on gas

One Reply to “Roman Poet in Los Angeles / by : Giorgia Pavlidou”

  1. jantomwolff says:

    sensual and metasensual
    the time becomes timeless
    meat becomes vegan
    athens is los angeles
    people don’t die
    we reread passing times, places and smells
    as the green gas in Brussels

    thanks to the author


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