The Sand Camel / by: Leonora Carrington

by: Leonora Carrington

The Sand Camel
by: Leonora Carrington

Two boys, A and B, lived in the forest with the Old Grandmother. The Old Grandmother was always dressed in black like an umbrella and she had a little head round and red like an apple. Her soap and her pajamas were black too; it was her favorite color. A and B went to the forest to play with white sand, they made a camel. When the camel was finished his look was so alive A and B said “the Camel is alive and he looks nasty.” It was true but it rained and the Camel went away in a stream of sand. “Well done,” says the Grandmother. “I didn’t like that Camel because of his look.” But A and B mixed some butter into the next camel. This ones eyes were even nastier. This camel kept his shape in the rain. “If we do something magical to him he’ll stand up,” said B. That would be useful; they had no dog. Then the Crow came down from the tree saying “Me, I know the magic thing you have to do.” With his foot he scratched some letters on the camel’s forehead. The Camel stood up with a sinister smile. He walked he went into the house. The Crow said, “it’s because he is afraid of the rain.” A said, “Grandmother won’t like it if the Camel goes inside, she’s making chestnut jam.” The boys A and B hid behind the tree because they knew that the Grandmother would be angry when the Camel of Sand went into the kitchen, they were right, she was furious. Soon they saw the Camel come back holding the Grandmother’s head in his mouth. Upside down she looked just like an umbrella. “It’s because of the damp,” said the Crow. In the kitchen the jam burns, no one looks after it. A and B went into the house to take care of the jam.
After eating chestnut jam for a week, A and B said, “we sure could eat some fries,” but the Camel was walking slowly in the woods with the Grandmother, like an umbrella and he never put her down. The Crow saw it all. “You owe me the Grandmothers jewelry,” he said taking a big trunk of it from the house. “We should do something with it.” So he hung all the Grandmothers jewelry on the tree and you had to admit it looked nice.

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