Your Figure or the War against Fat what./ by : JOYCE MANSOUR

Your Figure or the War against Fat what.


you must not do:

  1. Hold a hand held out without a protective glove Instead, offer the other cheek And speak, speak, put on some powder
    A hand can be a railing

A frictioner, or a meeting But, remember, Appetite comes when you are eating.

  1. Go on diets. Eat what you want at no matter what hour of your miserable day. You are miserable because you are fat, without appeal, without trumps or a waist or a waiting time, a pencil sharpener to whittle down the wasps stinging the little towers: in short, you are alone and you don’t like that, so you are eating to have people notice you; you console yourself for your laughable attractions by chewing; you are plunging into your sad, ugly, and anguished fat. But the charming successes which menace your chastity take their distance with every mouthful of softness. Your nightmares with their veterinary f ingers shake up your ulcers and those wrinkles, guzzling maxims, scratch your face off the map of youth. Your friends will do the rest. There you are, old. . . . Eat what you like, death won’t hesitate to take you.

  1. Throw your pounds in the dirty laundry . . . someone else’s. Anyone casting a spell should know how to avoid the return shock. More than one camouflaged woman has found herself on the threshold of the psychiatric ward you can’t get out of, crippled, shapeless, and definitively disfigured.

  1. To dull one’s senses too much By using The elegant, encumbering, inoxydable Carving-knife, crash hash in superheated bakelite; You are risking a pileup in your generic ensemble And capricious death of your rotating knife For female dismemberment is hard to administer And the fruit squeezer of your dreams cannot be mechanical.

what you must do:

Buy an electric cleaver Make a marinade of your figure simmered without makeup Invoke a little man dogmatising between each fat layer Marinate your lower parts in the singular sauce of your bitterness Wet the smoking oil little by little, the ovary huddling in itself The total extraction of your gravy depends on it.

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