Two poems by : TH.D.TYPALDOS



I ‘m coming next to you to devour your heart

I lay down on your knees like a dead dove

Camel driver in Sheba’s oasis I ‘m folding back my turban a wish 

   into the sandstorm of the cosmic excommunication

As you run you discover how precious is to walk 



I met god one day.
He was a bucket of shit.
I asked him:
– What’s up grand-pa! You don’t seem right to me!
– I had a conversation with Peret, he replied.
He told me that I am a heap of dung!
I don’t feel good about that – oh man, I am a heap of dung!
– Don’t worry grand-pa, said to him, even if you are a heap of dung,
you aren’t your bloody son.
Then god got furious.
He started to spit fire from his ass,
he turned ten times around his neck
and he went to his brambly bed
and he felt down… dead…  

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