Mustapha tosh to sulfur about his new album / and his surrealist music

Mustapha tosh :

Before beginning my work, I closed my eyes and just tried to visualise figures and tried creating imaginary sounds, rhythms in my head. The so called “inspiration” is a lie to me so everytime I create something I need to call my subconscious and project surreal things thoroughly to the world. This case wasn’t different. In my head, I had to create a music that made people visualise things, just like an idea that ignites a warming light in them. I also hadn’t wanted to be restrained with regular instruments. So, to set things “ablaze” I used instruments and sounds that was purely African and aimed to create an ambient, rhythmic, moving music with some eerie knockbacks in it which is necessarry to create a surrealist atmosphere.

life music 1

I prefer to call it “a project that is yet to commence” rather than an album. It is an attempt to recreate improperly created and destroyed visualisations, sounds or situations that we experience in our daily lives. Music inside is mostly made out of processed recordings that are combined together disregarding rules of traditional music. Surreal, relative and wild!

Mustapha tosh

Collages by : Mustapha tosh

Music of mustapha tosh

the ofical music of the second issue of the room surrealist magazine by : mustapha tosh

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