(The Celestial shoots back)

Translated by  the syrian poet : essam zodi 

I won’t kill my victims
Or throw my poisonous thorn in their ankles  …
Before the blind carry
The bed of the day
On their shoulders ..
A stone monster guards me
Brought by the guardian
From the pyramids  of the Pharaohs …
I won’t kill the celestial inlaid
The makeup
Before she pickes
Her armpit hair
And raise two waves of laughter
In her arm  …
While its moonlit feet
Treads the sun’s rays…
Before dawn comes out
From the cracks of her nails
And pickes the front of cold night  ..
Before her fruit-filled laugh falls
And indulges into the family screams ..
Before she fires to  the back
And nervous trees go towards blueness of  thinking.

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