” Four poems “

By Moumen Samir- Egypt

Translated by Kareem Abozaid

 (In a white hand) 

Without raising his eyesight 

The death passess while  I’m in the window 

So, I run and tightens his ears saying “ oh naughty”

But I never say “ oh liar ”

To not break his face 

And lost in his old sadness

(The barbarians) 

My arms flew

And my leather memory stiffed 

My bones said ; I’m dead trees     

The child ripped my kidney 

And returned old 

They shall pass from here 

And the hope only in street tremble 

And the fluctuation of our pictures

In the eyes that shine us


The first cigarette 

And first cup of coffee

In the first café 

The first kiss

And your pain which dud my fear

Then , the first grave


Pray by fear

Pary to fear

So to god your memeory healed 

Good evening

Oh, destiny

Moumen Samir, is a poetry belongs to nineties Egyptian poetic generation. Born in 15/11/1975.he issued. Twenty five books. From his poetic: the ultimate ecstasy 2002.the joy of dying 2003.the blind lane of wars 2005. Deconstruction of happiness 2009.overlooking the senses 2010. Ghost glimpse in afternoon . Stuck in the immersion like forest and ancestors 2013.sinful space. No bread nor wine. The nap of the blind wood man 2016.

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