3 poems by : Onfwan Fouad / Translation : Slimen Zougari

onfwan fouad

Onfwan fouad _


Translation : Slimen Zougari


1_In the kindergarten of void


White-haired kids
With Knees replaced
By pale flamingo’s legs
Shaken legs
Mumble faces
Names and places
They laugh
With an interrupted scream
Their hands shake
Making stars and memories fall
Play hide and seek
Disappearing in the wardrobe
Of language
You count and count
Just a moment after
Goes out
A dust of dreams
And a bunch of hanged souls


2_A mouth’s eye

I am a broken watch
In the wrist of an athlete
On a people’s magazine
Held by a man cleaning windows
Inside a two-beds room
In front of a lifeless body
Inside a random hotel
In a backstreet neighbourhood
In a remote village
In a quick TV scene
In the breaking news bar
With an unfamiliar language
Reflected on the eye of a blind man
Not knowing how much time
Have gone through
Running from one digit to another
Trying to fix
Time of the watch
On his wrist



3_In an aquarium of
antioxidant visions
Housing the hymn of Iddin-Dagan
Hanged by scales of plastic fish

A NASA mask
The intestines are
Soft bridges transporting
The appendages of toxins
Dried breasts
On which shadow coats might be hanged
Excavations hit by the eczema of oblivion
Inside a spider net
Knot in 1900 BC
There are white heads
With waxed faces
Post bail to Lady Spider
So you can enter the meseum of death


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