The Last Blind’s Hymn / By : Mo’men Samir./ To Salah Faeiq

The Last Blind’s Hymn

To Salah Faeiq 

By  Mo’men Samir.Egypt

Translated by :DR.Waleed Abdallah

I was Walking in the dark 

I was robbed of one of my eyes

An old woman I had to ask 

 she said don’t believe my looks they tell lies

Since my memories denied me 

Refused to sleep with me 

 I became a failed corpse 

My clouds wander aimlessly driven by destiny

And fill the city

I hurried after its golden bird 

Bewitched by chasing it in vain

The fire passing by my eyes awoke my pain

I asked the sad cages and the fugitive sound

I asked the disguised policemen in scents and ships around

I asked my beloved that I left with my picture 

until she got used to 

My seduced smile and forgot my feature

Everyone denied except my other eye, sighed and said twenty years ago, I conspired against my sister and handed her over to the forest…. Animals were weeping of isolation that the lake will be filled with pictures

And we are devoured by loneliness..

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