BILDUNG By : Abdulkadir Aljanabi


Homage to g. E. Von gruebaum

Here is my share of sand :

A purple soul

Born in the desert

Sheltered in a tent

They removed my foreskin

They showed me my totemic ancestor 

Picturesque vestiges without redemption

They taught me what is guts

What is ink

Granted me the scripture

Let me thieve through medieval nights

Holding  moon against  sun

Hitting on a solution.

When the day of reason broke

They brought me a camel 

– the prophet’s mount –

Sent me to work amidst the debris

Splintering mirrors of otherness

In the hope of being attuned to that very rhetorization

And before falling asleep

They advised me not to dream of perfection

It’s lagging behind

They told me

Decay is in the present

Tomorrow is also decay

Everything will fall apart

Dust is master of all 

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