Eating death by : Ghadah Kamal

Hanging human paintings .

Eyes nailed and mouths open.

The stomachs are empty except  from hunger .

They look at him with his tousled beard and his vague eyes .

And here he is, with the  decadent belly, pouring a cup that was tasted like some Playful thing .

And he look for the girl  that escaped from looking up.

She speaks in ecstasy with a loud voice  While she standing    in the middle of the stage ,

She said :

Look up

You’ll find her  encased in gold,

Her hands play the Symphony of Death,

Her voice is a funerary opera.

Nude dancing
On the yard that  made from  Human viscera .

She approaches them and start to  drink  what is flowing from their mouths To become drunk and tampering at night to suck  the Drowned breath .

She gasping towards war ,

Eating  death,
Long live death,
Long live death.

control them like wooden dolls.

If they deny her  she  is lost,

And if they bow down to her, she will swell .

she appear colorless to those who survived from looking up.

Explode and sing with  Marilyn Manson voice
(sweet dreams are made of this)

She loves big asses  and precious breasts.

A lesbian with faces injected with Exile .

Their shoes made  from Hanged crocodiles.

Their bags made from  thirsty skins.

When they speak, the lice come out of their mouths .

The Lice is her clan.

They mumble with her chatter in the night and the ends of the day.

In her isolation  she  draw

a cloud of cockroaches
Wings and  dead butterflies.

she Bloating
So the frogs tumble over the heads that  looking upwards …

Confused in the pub.
The cheetah laughs and laughs
Security forces enter the bar
The concert ended

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