Four poems by : Reda Ahmed

Four poems by: Reda Ahmed

What about the fall?

Shall we ask the bee how did a flower of cloves trick her? 

Shall we interrogate that raindrop about her true intention in spending whole night in pond of mud?

Shall we rove in circle around a butterfly whom ashes were kept by the lantern on its door to be taken as example by blinds?

Shall we watch a tear marches to the first wound!

The way always pretend to recognize us!

It Indulges with our tired feet, so the falling goes on and on with no pain,

No explanation,

No end

How could the claws of hope spread to our hearts?

And stole the wisdom of despair and the experience taken from the trail?!

Translated by: Farahnaz Fadhel


That was not just a rope

The line you had it being sketched around my neck inside a frame

In a form required to the death

Although now I can with a tiny pair of scissors pull my head out of life’s outline

Or over a body that is stinking with serious smell of a mouldy/musty heart

We are a way far from those who releases

Why some born with hearts which are already frozen?!

Or those who suffers from a permanent headache by just informing them with wrinkles refers to that past which they had never reached.

Translated by: Farahnaz Fadhel


The poet mustn’t apologize for an offensive video arose a lust of his thumb .
Nor for a miserable lamp covered with dust while he was passing in the street.
The poet mustn’t apologize for a frightening bullet saw -in his chest- an honoured shelter
Nor for a cold funeral kept his poems’ hostility .
The poet has to commit a lot of crimes to face dirtiness, supidity and betraying law, but he has to say sorry many times to a beloved chasing him and jumping beyond him like an empty cell
Wished to become his address .


No time to try the apple

When it comes to love

You will not know what a man can offer for a woman,

How he leaves without making her a warm seat waiting for him

Or a shiny badge on his shoulders stating that he completed a heavy task;

He pushed tints of darkness far from her balcony

Helped The stars of her prophecy for the night vision,

Expelling the time from her body, which becomes pale whenever she bathed,

Attacking her fears that revolve around him,

Hugging her without cooling his soup,

He looked grateful to her heart as he poured himself into it

When he exchanged with her his certainty and 

his real name is in bed.

She is not looking for the right man

As much as you want silver earring 

Makes her look beautiful as she pours her hair

In small flasks that dropping them in the well

So that he returned tamed and feel her face again

And immersed her in myths again,

Lipstick polishing her words with a serious accent

Do not hide from light

And a song becomes a rose

When she pulls her arms and embraces a bald tree.

She tries to make him jealous

His manhood is threatened when it is scattered,

Dry his heart in a quiet sun,

Grind it

And threw it over her umbrella,

Walking in front of him

A rosy swan looks to his watch

When she steals a quick kiss from while farewell.

Taking him to see the cocks screaming in the face of dawn


And naively

And every hen spins from the calendar: fur,


And a long night of tricks and traps.

He will not know where love came from

How to taste it and find it good

Hot and sour

It lacks some salt and sugar,

He will not remember that love was given for him on a dish

Jumped in

And found a woman making of his bones: baskets,

Tables, Beds

And her eternal soup

Without noticing that the sun disturbs his eyes, 

Lonely afraid

With sharp senses

Covers himself with every string of spices that she left 

behind her in the cold nights.

Reda Ahmed
Translated by
Kamal Mustsfa Gad .

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