THE TIME BEFORE A RENDEZ-VOUS WITH MY BED / by : abdulkadir aljanabi

The time before a rendez-vous with my bed

In an absent manner i remember things.

My chair is barking beneath me

A shoal of fun minds my wrist

And the high level hailstorm headlines my nobody.

I am a tiger of languages

Contemplating in a jungle of dictionaries.

Wandering in despair

I saw the blond girl whose nightie made of insomnia

Infringing the caper of the laughter

I can get nothing out of her gingerbread

Which is melted like a cirrus

In the nomad’s mouth where i generated

The experience of last night.

I was anguished

I moved to the abyss of thing

Hoping to knock the nation over.

I rushed into the street

And it was dark like a piece of ice.

I didn’t have a knife

But before you could say knife

I skinned time

Taking its flesh and bones

Making of them

A barbarian full of ardent shrieks

Having no equal in snaring a look

Nor in denting a passing smile.

I released him hovering on the mountains

Where dreams lurked everywhere

Ramifying the rampage of the i.

And then on returning

He could not find the way

And fell into deep discouragement

Smoking his last bun of nexus.

I retraced my steps

Went up many times

And not seeing how to get out

Ifell asleep

Instantly waking to him

Vomiting his own flesh

In the vessel of darkness

And he told me

    ” you will find here what you seek”

And disappeared.

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